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Text editing and translation

Spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and stylistic inconsistencies are unacceptable in any text meant for publication and whilst we may be capable of recognising these errors in our own language, writing and publishing in English presents us with challenges we may be unable to identify and judge by ourselves. Proofreading includes the checking of spelling, punctuation and grammar, whilst text editing covers the more in depth work of correcting faulty syntax and stylistic inconsistencies.

2. Quality

Rather than passing your text on to a third party with whom you have no direct communication, James works on every text he is sent by himself. This personal touch ensures your peace of mind and guarantees a consistently high quality throughout the project.

3. Format

All mark-ups are made directly to the digital copy received by email using the standard ‘track changes’ tool available under ‘Extras’ in Microsoft Word. This is standard practise and allows you identify the changes that have been made.

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Dr. Dirk Zetzsche, LL.M






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